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Company History

Craig Sargent and Keith Wood are the Directors of CK Precision Engineering Ltd, they have worked most, if not all, of their lives in the industry.  Between them there is over 70 years of knowledge, skill and experience which is still used on the workshop floor today.  This knowledge and skill has grown from the manual machines which are slowly disappearing to today's ever increasing technology. This knowledge and expertise has been passed on to employees within the company in the past, the present and will continue into the future. 

The company was first established in 2000 and was known then as Shepherd Engineering Ltd which was located on the Gorleston side of the River Haven in a small workshop.   

In 2012, due to expansion and investment of machinery, a bigger premesis was required and the company moved across the river to its current location on the East Coast of Norfolk in Great Yarmouth. 

Due to the new location, and change of ownership, it was decided to rename the company and

CK Precision Engineering Ltd was created. The company has continued to grow at a steady pace and will continue to do so in the future. 

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